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Camping and Retreat Ministries of the Desert Southwest Conference

Volunteer Resources
Helpful Resources for Camp Staff

This page exists to share resources and links here that can be utilized by our volunteer staff. We hope these can help make the week of camp you serve be the best you can make it! (For additional resources specific to camp deans, click here.)

Camp Staff Descriptions and Policies (1/26/15)
Click any of the links below to learn about the role of our different volunteer staff positions, and also review the policies of our Camping and Retreat Ministry.

  • Dean
  • Camp Nurse and/or Program Staff
  • Camp Counselor
  • Counselor-In-Training
  • Cabin Assistants
  • Safe Sanctuary Policy
  • Discipline Policy
  • ACA Discipline Guidelines (resource)

Articles and Helpful Resources from DSC Camps
(click the link to visit the page and/or download a .pdf of the article)

  • 8 Hallmarks of Great Camps (5/5/15)
  • EPIC Camps (5/5/15)
  • Registration and First Impressions (5/5/15)

2015 Summer Camp Curriculum
(1/23/15 – password protected page)

  • 2015 Summer Camp deans, counselors, and other volunteers are welcome to download the curriculum. Deans have been provided the necessary password for access.5

Worship Music At Camp (5/15/14) (.pdf download)
This is a great, two page resource developed and shared by Barry Isbell, one of our deans, at the Potosi staff training. I would encourage deans and their worship leaders to consider reviewing it!

Games That Teach (5/21/14) (.pdf download)
This two page resource provides several games that can be useful when training staff.

Additional Resource at Mingus

1987 ABRIS Index: Mingus resource (4/24/14)

The ABRIS (Adventure Based Resource Index System) is a collection of 890 index sized cards that have games and activities for small and large groups, organized by type. This is a great resource to utilize while at Mingus! The ABRIS is available to camp deans, counselors, and cabin assistants that want to make use of it. See Mike Crevelt when at camp for more information.

Click here to download an index file for the ABRIS we have on site.
Click here to learn more about the ABRIS.

Links to Outside Resources
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[date indicates date shared on DSCCamps]

“5 Reasons Great Parents 
send their kids to camp” 
(blog: Sunshine Parenting) [5/5/15]

“Should I Be Sending My Kids to Camp?”
(blog: Huffington Post) [5/5/15]“The Power Of Camp: Kid’s Today”(video: Christian Camp and Conference Association) [5/5/15]

Camp Deans, click here for Dean’s Resources